DR. Leslie Anne Campbell

Photo by Scott Munn

Dr. Leslie Anne Campbell was announced as the Sobey Family Chair in Child and Adolescent Mental Health Outcomes in December 2015.

Dr. Campbell is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Community Health & Epidemiology and the School of Nursing at Dalhousie University. She completed her BSc in Nursing at the University of Toronto, and both her MSc and PhD at Dalhousie University. Her research interests include patient centered outcomes research and routine health outcome measurement, primarily in the area of child and youth mental health. 

Dr. Campbell recognized that we needed support in knowing that we were providing the right care to the right patient at the right time while working firsthand with patients and families as a nurse. She aims to ensure that the best evidence available is used for every patient and family, and that determining whether care is or is not working occurs in a timely manner. Drawing upon her clinical experience and diverse training in research methods, Dr. Campbell is building a program of research that promotes the use of outcomes to inform patient care and service planning.

Outside of work, Dr. Campbell enjoys spending time with her family and friends and connecting with the great outdoors.



George Kephart is a Professor in the Department of Community Health & Epidemiology at Dalhousie University. He received his MS and PhD in Sociology from the University of Wisconsin, specializing in Demography. George’s research interests include health policy evaluation, equity and access to health services, chronic disease surveillance and chronic disease management. He is the principal investigator for the Small Area Rate Variation (SARV) in rates of high-cost health care use in Nova Scotia project.



Dr. David Lovas is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Psychiatry at Dalhousie University, as well as a staff child & adolescent psychiatrist, and the physician co-lead of the Emergency Mental Health & Addictions Service (EMHAS) at the IWK Health Centre. He is also the Program Director for the Child & Adolescent Psychiatry sub-specialty residency at Dalhousie University. 

Dr. Lovas’ research with our team concerns system change and quality improvement in pediatric mental health broadly, and in particular, in emergency mental health care.



Sue is an Implementation Science Specialist on the Outcomes and Evaluation Research Team for the Mental Health and Addictions Program at the IWK Health Centre. She is also the Research and Evaluation Lead for Trauma Informed Care at the IWK and an Adjunct Scholar at Dalhousie University. Sue completed an Interdisciplinary PhD and Post-Doctoral Fellowship in Health Administration, Health Promotion and Sociology at Dalhousie University. Her research interests include: looking at how best to collect, monitor and regularly report accurate data to inform program decision-making; sex and gender-based analysis; and how to engage patients, families and clinicians in measuring patient reported outcomes. Outside of work, Sue enjoys playing outside with her family, yoga, painting, and music.

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Alysia Robinson is a research assistant who is currently completing her Masters degree in the department of Community Health and Epidemiology at Dalhousie University.  She is interested in health services research, and health care in general. Through the research done with this team, she hopes to better understand the health care system from the lens of mental health.  Outside of work, she enjoys soccer, going for walks, and finding new activities to try with her friends.


Ellen Withers is a research assistant who is currently completing her Bachelor of Science in Health Promotion at Dalhousie University (’18). Her coursework in this program has provided her with a strong foundation in research methods. Ellen’s research interests include mental health, addictions, and trauma informed care. She hopes to learn more about adolescent mental health through patient perspectives and experiences at the IWK. Outside of work, she enjoys running, tennis, and paddle boarding, and has volunteered with the Halifax Sexual Health Centre.

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Kylie Peacock is a research assistant in the Department of Community Health & Epidemiology and the School of Occupational Therapy at Dalhousie University. She recently completed her Master’s degree in the Department of History at Dalhousie University. In addition to her academic work, Kylie is a patient advisor and strong advocate in the Nova Scotia Health Authority (NSHA) and the IWK Health Centre. Kylie’s research interests include investigating methods to improve overall health-care delivery to patients, incorporating patient-oriented outcomes into research, chronic disease management, and an additional focus on improving child and adolescent mental health outcomes. Outside of work, she enjoys running, listening to live music, and reading.


caitlyn ayn

Caitlyn Ayn is a research assistant supporting the project Transforming Care in Nova Scotia: Implementation of Health System Change in Child and Adolescent Mental Health and Addictions. Caitlyn recently completed her Master’s degree in Health Promotion at the School of Health and Human Performance at Dalhousie University. Her research interests include patient-provider communication and relationships, promoting young people’s mental health, and using mixed methods research to inform organizational change. Caitlyn volunteers regularly to advocate for community conscious decision making within HRM and the Nova Scotia Health Authority. When not working, she loves walking in the woods, snowboarding, and relaxing at home with her cats..